Cool Off Without an Air Conditioner

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Here are some suggestions from Heating and Air Fayetteville NC to assist in remaining  cool in the heat of the summertime, and some air conditioning unit replacements.

Make A Homemade Air Conditioner

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Fill two 2-liter soft drink bottles about 3/4 of the method full of water, add rock salt until the bottle has to do with 80 % complete, then shake the bottle until the salt is liquefied and freeze the bottles. Be aware that the water will expand when it freezes, which is why we are leaving additional area in the bottle. Once frozen, put them the bottles in front of a fan and let it run till the ice melts. Re-freeze the bottles and repeat as required.

Take a cold shower and dry off as little as possible

Taking a cold shower will assist reset and regular ones body temperature to cool off, however it’s a momentary fix. For sustained cooling, dry off as little as possible. The water on ones body and hair will certainly help keeping one cool as it evaporates.

Foods to Consume

Spicy and minty foods work in a different way but both assist cool the body. Spicy food commonly triggers sweating, which assists cool the body as the sweat evaporates, whereas minty food will provide one a cooling feeling.

Drink a Great Deal of Water

Remaining hydrated will certainly assist prevent your body from overheating, and drinking 8 ounces of water every hour will assist your body feel cooler. You can jazz up your water by including fruit slices.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed

Sunlight produces heat so closing blinds and drapes will certainly assist avoid sunlight from entering the house and keeping it cooler throughout a sunny day.

Open Windows at Night

Nighttime is much cooler because there is no sunshine. Make the most of the evening by keeping windows and blinds open. Just remember to close your windows and blinds as the sun shows up.

Open the Chimney Flue

Heat rises, so opening the fireplace flue will certainly permit hot air to leave and will certainly enable wind and cold air to make its means down your chimney.

Use Compact Florescent or LED Bulbs

With traditional incandescent bulbs, 90 % of their energy is using in making heat, not light. Conversely, compact florescent and LED bulbs use about 90 % of their energy making light, NOT heat. This will certainly not just cool off your home, however it’ll cool down the energy expense also.

Things Not to Do

Avoid making use of or doing the following as much as possible.

Hot shower
Laundry machines
Fuzzy sheets or clothing
Put ice on ones neck

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Circulate Air in the Home

Leaving windows open and turning all fans on are excellent ways to assist distribute the air in our home. In the evening, see to it all doors are open when you open your windows so that the cool night air can distribute throughout your house.

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