Uncomfortable Truths About Air Conditioning

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If you are considering building a new home in the near future, there are some excellent ideas in this article on how to build it more energy efficiently.  The author shows that our reliance on air conditioning technology has allowed builders to build homes that are not the most energy efficient in terms of designs to take advantage of natural air flow through a home, and with a lack of insulation.

Uncomfortable truths about air conditioning « Midwest Energy News

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“Stan Cox worries our year-round preference for cool, dry air is creating an unsustainable feedback loop. Our reliance on air conditioning contributes to global …www.midwestenergynews.com/…/uncomfortable-truths-about-…”

There are lots of excellent ways to use prevailing winds, house vents, and the chimney effect to tap in to natural air flow in a home. It does become more difficult to do so if the design of the home is not conducive to using these techniques though.